From Brent Bowie in Scotland and his Arabian, Mac.

**I have really enjoyed your tape and have spent many hours watching it and have enjoyed using your methods.**

From Gina Allison and her Clydesdale stallion, Belvedere

**For my next trick I will stick my arm through the telephone lines, grab your ear and pull you into the monitor so I can give you a great big ole hug. Your insight is priceless. Last night when I got home there was a storm brewing, so I took Belvedere into the round pen for some quick ground work. There, with dramatic cloud to ground lightning in the background, he did both Spanish Walk and Piaffe at liberty. It was a beautiful thing, a living work of art! And everything seemed worthwhile.**

From Annie in California on Exotic ABC’s

**I watched your video last night. This seems to me to be a much more effective way of getting results that are permanent and much more effective and much quicker. I'm actually quite impressed.**

From Bea Gulizia in Florida

**For years I had tried to train piaffe with little success. Your method really made it click for me and my thoroughbred. I also enjoyed your tapes on tricks and reinless riding. I’m finding both very helpful and have great value far beyond the scope of just doing tricks.**

From Linda Tyganhof in California with Arabs and palominos, aussieldyrider

**While I’m mostly a trail rider, your tapes have given me the perspective to better judge horse training. I love that you emphasize getting the horse to actually like his work, even those difficult tricks.**

Dexter Welch in Oregon, Dexter's Cowboy Collectibles

** I did receive your 'Reinless Riding' video. It is absolutely the best; I like it and have just about worn it out myself looking at it. I plan to duplicate what you are doing in it but with my voice I don't think my ol' hoss
would like it. Everyone I have shared it with feels as I do it is very, very different and entertaining
A couple months ago I went to Spain and was able to take in some great performances of the Spanish horses. I really enjoyed those performances too, but I had to come back here to view the magic of one of our own lady trainers.**

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